Parish – The Thought(s)

Parish – The Thought(s)

We are “two old white guys.” United Methodist pastors with over 90 years of parish experience between us. In the attached podcast we think about racism and anti-racist work. We laugh, we confess our failures and we acknowledge the joy of ministry in places of diversity. Over the years we have spoken of the romance of work in a parish and its surrounding community. Here is a taste of what we have discovered.

If you find something here that parallels your journey — or even if there is something helpful, or something with which you disagree — make a comment, share your story.

3 thoughts on “Parish – The Thought(s)

  1. Phil, thank you for doing this and I do hope you do another. I learned so much and deeply appreciate the openness of both of you. Journey on!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this and all your posts!! Makes me think and grow!! Thank you, Phil!! I have a lot to do as well!


  3. Hi Phil:

    I enjoyed listening to your reflections, conversation, insights and dilemmas. Your comment about the assumption by many, that all folks of color dance to the same drummer, was interesting to me because I could not imagine that they do. We are all so different for so many reasons, our upbringing, region we grew up in, parenting, and so on. Relationships are so important. And life long learning.
    I will look forward to your next discussion.


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