The New Non-Normal

The New NonNormal

Over the years one situation or another has been labeled the “New Normal.”   This was $3 a gallon gasoline in 2002 (something that is about to be true again), TSA personal searches prior to boarding an airline (this, sadly came true) or extreme weather events (something I fear is indeed truer month by month).

“New Normals” have included some positive things and some tragic.  We have witnessed on-line shopping, self driving cars, same day delivery by drones, gay marriage, uber transportation, school shootings, melting glaciers, electronic banking and social media of endless variety. 

There is, however, a “New NonNormal” that is afoot in our nation and patriotic Americans, especially people of faith, must resist it.  Any normalization in our culture and institutions that is not factual, thoughtful or ethical must be identified as outside the norms of our national identity.  Much has been said about the dangers of “normalization” within the presidency of Donald Trump.  Agreed.  There is much that must be identified as NonNormal and therefore opposed.  Let’s be specific.  We will not accept lies, programs based on prejudices rather than facts, or knee-jerk twitter-created public policies.

Good reader, lets join millions of others who will not accept the normalization of such things as torture, the denial of climate change, the practicing discrimination against religious or ethic minorities, preventative health care being taken away from millions of the poor, the demeaning or violation of women, the acceptance of gun violence or undermining the importance of quality journalism.

Yes, the list could go on and on and on.  Let’s make it simple.  Can we agree that truth is essential to our democracy and our way of life?  Can we agree that careful, factual information is vital to progress — whether this is information related to climate change, our news media or our national intelligence agencies?  Can we agree that national policies should be based on quality, iterative research — whether on tariffs, immigration or education reforms?

Simply this, it is NonNormal, if we don’t — tell the truth, gather our facts, and propose programs based on sound research.  To proceed otherwise is the “New NonNormal.”

  1. Tell the truth,
  2. Gather the facts,
  3. Act based on good research information. 

To do otherwise, must be understood as an unacceptable New NonNormal.

3 thoughts on “The New Non-Normal

  1. Agreed that the good in our way of life is without question under attack and endangered.
    Your blogs are appreciated being very thoughtful and directional toward a more sane society under God’s guidance your efforts reminds me that ministry is for the life of those who were called. The laying on of hands at ordination had no cut-off date.


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