Neighbors or Fools?

In Boston, of course at a Red Sox game. Joy. Wonderment. Old Fenway Park is a marvel.

Also an awareness that the folks around me who were strangers just an hour ago are now more. They are not friends — but they could be. We have already laughed, joked and talked a little philosophy. All around folks come from different places, speaking with wonderful accents that delight my hearing. Mostly from the Bay State a gathering that is racially and economically diverse. We teased about who would put ketchup on a hot dog? There is conversation — real conversation with folks who a few minutes ago were strangers. On the field there are diverse players — each one celebrated or feared for his baseball talent.

The rain that delayed the game was a blessed relief from the heat. Let me say it plainly — the heat IS an indicator of climate change. The fellowship in the stands is a relief from the pettiness, the lies and the anger in our nation. It is a relief to be away from the focus on grievance, victim-hood, abuse and denials being displayed by so-called “public officials.” I turn to Fox News and am amazed at the narrow distorted, and yes, deceitful language there. I turn to CNN or MSNBC and grow weary of the ways it is evident we have become the dis-united states of America. We are a broken society.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right when he said “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Is Fenway Park, and the democratic impulses it represented, a relic? (I am aware there are vast economic differences between my seat in the stands and those in the sky boxes above me. Still, like baseball itself, the gathering is a marvel.) It may be a slowly dying game, but its slower pace allows for time to learn about becoming a neighbor again.

3 thoughts on “Neighbors or Fools?

  1. Hi Phil. It has been a long time!
    Your baseball story is analogous to real life in this great country. Most people get along with most people…regardless of race or creed. But that picture does not fit the political narrative to manufacture racism and exploit it for political purposes. The same with a very hot day. It is called “weather”, and it has changed throughout history. Hey, but why not exploit that, too. That is what politicians and their media enablers do. I prefer to live by what my father was taught in the Navy in WW2: “Believe none of what you hear…and only half of what you see.” That and “Love God; serve others.”
    Kind regards.


    1. David, So good to hear from you. Appreciate your comments. Wisdom there. Indeed there is enough racism deeply present without it being used to further divide. Same with the use of politics to divert our call to care for God’s creation.


  2. Love, love, love your post.

    The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. MLK, Jr.



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