Parish – The Thought(s)

Parish – The Thought(s)

We are “two old white guys.” United Methodist pastors with over 90 years of parish experience between us. In the attached podcast we think about racism and anti-racist work. We laugh, we confess our failures and we acknowledge the joy of ministry in places of diversity. Over the years we have spoken of the romance of work in a parish and its surrounding community. Here is a taste of what we have discovered.

If you find something here that parallels your journey — or even if there is something helpful, or something with which you disagree — make a comment, share your story.

Missing Metanoia

Missing Metanoia

Change, transformation, renewal, conversion are a part of the religious lexicon that is, I believe, too often lost in our time. In all of the calls for justice, it might be wise if we were open to considering the importance of transformation. Not just for those we believe to be wrong — but perhaps most importantly for ourselves.

In a recent United Methodist People podcast, the Rev. Dr. Brad Miller hosted a conversation with Indiana United Methodist Bishop Julius Trimble. If you are interested it can be found here: (http://Apple Podcasts: I tell of something that happened nearly forty years ago am newly aware of the ways my heart and mind has been changed — and, I pray, continues to be reshaped by God’s transforming love for me and for all.